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Membrane Biophysics and Chemical Biology Lab

Researching in the field of Molecular Biophysics and Chemical Biology we mainly focus on lipid membranes and lipid-induced signalling pathways. One aspect of the lab’s work is to investigate the biophysical properties of mycobacterial and eukaryotic (model and natural) biomembranes with emphasis on disease management and biotechnological applications. The other aspect of our research is to apply high-pressure perturbation approaches to understand the structure and function relationships of mycomembrane systems. Finally, we aim to explore lipid molecules as chemical biology tools to study membrane-associated signaling pathways involved in infectious diseases.  

We aim to arrive at a unified thermodynamic picture for the function of different biological membranes and lipids, tease apart their roles in disease progression and simultaneously exploit the insights gained for curative therapeutics. Our experimental methods include infrared spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, calorimetry, fluorescence spectroscopy, high pressure spectroscopic methods among other basic cell and molecular biology approaches.

Biophysical Chemistry
Chemical Biology

Research Areas of Interest

Lipid Membrane Biophysics
Cellular Signalling Pathways
High Pressure Biophysics

Openings at Lab

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